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"We do not heal the past by dwelling there; we heal the past by living fully in the present"

~ Marianne Williamson


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Re.Covery with Dr. Dene’ J. Starks

Certified Peer Recovery Coach


Driven by purpose, Dr. Dene’ is a leading voice in continual growth transformation. Dr. Dene’ speaks to those of all walks of life and various backgrounds, ranging from youth and adults to seasoned career professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, community leaders, churches, and educational institutions.

Dr. Dene’ is a catalyst for change, creatively challenging her audiences to identify obstacles, redefine goals, and reignite passion, which results in a paradigm shift to overcome adversity. Dr. Dene’s innovative approach helps her audiences and clients to live freely, no matter their roles and responsibilities.

Dr. Dene’s diverse experiences have afforded her countless opportunities to impact lives as an empowerment speaker, mentor, author, certified recovery life coach, and influential leader of her generation. Her dynamic messages have resulted in positive shifts in cultures and approaches in education, business, ministry, family, and individual personal lives.


Our Services

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What is Recovery Coaching?

The most troubling times for a person attempting recovery from a traumatic event is often the first 90 days after the incident. Triggers like the COVID-19 Pandemic, job pressures or job loss, family tension, death, bills piling up—can all be overwhelming. This is when a Recovery Coach can be most helpful. Recovery coaching is a holistic approach that introduces individuals experiencing trauma, depression, anxiety, rejection, abandonment, or other stumbling thoughts to the journey of recovery.


How can a Recovery Coach help you?

Coaches partner with their clients in being responsible for their own life, and facilitate them living their very best; holding them accountable to integrating their learning from mistakes and other life lessons reducing the tendency to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, expecting different results!


Recovery coaching offers encouragement, empowerment, helps clients to define and reach their goals…most importantly, a recovery coach will offer help to individuals that will enable them to turn their “survival” life skills into skills for life in recovery!


Our Services

As a Certified Trauma Specialist and Peer Recovery Coach, we offer a variety of products and services to help individuals live beyond the trauma.


  • One on One Coaching              

  • Group Coaching

  • Workshops

  • Certificate Programs

  • Ministry Training

  • School Wellness Programs

  • Corporate Wellness Programs

What Our Clients Say

Rebecca B.

Dene’s knowledge and experience are unbelievable. Her passion for her work spills into every aspect of her life. She is an excellent Recovery Coach and Mentor. I highly recommend her.

Michael C.

Talking to Dene’ was uncomfortable for me at first. I do not come from a background where sharing personal struggles was ok. But WOW! Boy did my perception change. After speaking with Coach “D” (that’s what I call her), not only did I gain clarity, but I learned that I am not alone!

Crystal R.

Dr. Dene’ truly challenges you to live your best life. Get ready, because the best is truly yet to come!!!


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